Country & Sport Clubs

Looking for a complete country club security solution? At United Wolves Security, we can deliver complete solutions to country clubs, sport clubs and other operations in need of security. We take a different approach from most other country club security providers.

While others may offer standard services for country clubs and sport clubs, we get to know your unique needs. We use that understanding of your needs to create custom security plans that includes exactly what you need to create the safest, most secure environment possible for your members, you guests and your team.

We offer our country club security services at competitive prices, and we’ll even match formally submitted bids from our competitors. Help your country club or sport club maximize its potential when you choose United Wolves Security Services for country club and sport club security.

  • Pool of Emergency Standby Guards in case of Emergency and to ensure perfect attendance
  • Guards are able to respond to distress signals faster than local police departments

Security Solutions for Country Clubs & Sport Clubs

Don’t just settle for any level of country club or sport club security. Make sure you’re getting a complete solution when you choose United Wolves Security. We offer physical officers who are fully prepared and capable on day one to deliver service of the highest quality. We spare no expense in training to ensure you’re getting the best of the best in a sport club or country club security guard. Each of our team members goes through rigorous training and meets the highest certification standards before going into the field.

The United Wolves Difference

At United Wolves Security, we know your sport club or country club is a treasured asset that deserves the best in safety and security. When we take on country club and sport club security work, we see it as more than a job — we see it as a partnership. We’re partnering with our clients to ensure the utmost in safety and security and to ensure that each guest, member and employee enjoys the best possible experience when they’re on the property.

In our pursuit of delivering outstanding results, we focus on high levels of communication. At any time, you enjoy access to our entire team whenever you need it — from our officers to our management. It’s this commitment to communication that promotes excellence and understanding as we create and execute plans for sport club and country club security.

We strive each day to meet the highest standards of quality in our service. Make sure your sport club or country club is getting the best in security when you choose United Wolves Security.

If you’re ready for security solutions done right, we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.