Construction Site Security Services

If you’re searching for construction site security, we have construction site security guards who can keep your location secure. Having guards on the premises can help stop people from trespassing, which prevents theft and injuries that could result in costly litigation. Having guards at your site can also protect your equipment from being damaged by vandals who would have snuck onto your site had it not been for the presence of our guards.

We know there are a lot of construction site security companies competing for your business, but we also know we’re one of the few companies that genuinely understand the unique security threats build sites are exposed to. Because we understand these threats, we offer more services to protect your job site in addition to providing a security guard for your construction site.

Access Control for Construction Sites

Having provided security for construction sites of all, many general contractors and project managers need to address their security needs. One of the biggest concerns that many project managers have is their job site’s access points.

When a given build site is active and heavily populated with workers, it’s still vital to control who can and cannot access the job site. Even if someone doesn’t intend to cause a problem, their mere presence on a job site can leave a builder and/or landowner vulnerable to costly litigation if the interloper suffers an injury on the job site.

If a project is being protested for some reason or it hasn’t been embraced by a community, construction site access control can be even more important. That’s because controlling who has access to your job site can prevent attempts to delay or derail your project by barring people from getting onto your construction site to damage your equipment or compromise your build.

Whether you want to protect your job site from protesters, unwanted or inadvertent trespassers, petty vandals or all of the above, United Wolves Security Services can help. At every level of our managerial hierarchy, our managers have experience in the security industry.

Our team uses its combined experience to evaluate every construction site we’re responsible for combining our observations and vast experience.

Our expertly trained security guards live in the areas where the construction sites they protect are located. This makes executing access control a personal as well as a professional endeavor. It also makes United Wolves Security your trusted, local security provider.

Foot Patrol Guards for Construction Sites

When we provide security for construction sites, we often recommend foot patrols. Foot patrols at varying times of the day and night maintain the appearance that your location is secure even when work has stopped for the day. Our security guards will check to make sure your entry and exit points, perimeter and equipment are secure as they walk your job site and they’ll alert you immediately if there’s a problem or imminent threat to the integrity of your location.

Security for Construction Sites – The United Wolves Difference

Our clients see us differently than they view other security companies. That’s often because they’ve used another security company before and it simply didn’t deliver the level of service it promised. We deliver more than what our clients expect, so we’re seen as a valued partner — not a service provider or vendor.

When you choose United Wolves for your security needs, keeping your construction site secure is our highest priority throughout the length of your build and cleanup. If you’re getting ready to start a new job or you need to change how security is handled at your current construction site, contact United Wolves Security. We’ll create an affordable, customized security plan that will keep your location protected..

If you’re ready for security solutions done right, we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.