Parking Lots & Garages

If you’re looking for security for a garage or parking lot, you needn’t look any further than United Wolves Security. We can provide parking lot and parking garage security.

We know people put a lot of trust in you when they leave their vehicles in your parking lot or parking garage, and you can trust us to provide the security you need to keep your customers and their automobiles safe.

  • Towing of Illegally Parked Cars
  • Assisting Individuals to & from Their Cars
  • Emergency Standby Guards for Emergencies & to Ensure Perfect Attendance
  • 24/7 Supervisor Patrol Able to Respond Faster Than Local Police Departments
  • Our Guards are Trained to Handle Every Possible Situation
  • All Guards Go Through Training Above the Standards Set by Security Services

Security Services for Parking Garages & Parking Lots

For many people, their car is the second-most-valuable asset they own, after their homes. We know the stakes are high when you own or manage a parking garage or parking lot for both you and your clients. We also know that, while installing one of the parking garage security systems that are on the market will help secure your property, it’s not enough to provide all of the protection you and your customers need.

To keep your parking garage or parking lot secure, you need a suite of protective services, and that’s exactly what we offer. We can provide a parking lot security guard, for example. Our parking garage security guards can perform foot patrols throughout your location to make sure vandals aren’t attempting to break into the vehicles parked at your facility. Our highly-trained security guards can also escort your customers to their cars to ensure they get into the driver’s seat safely.

The United Wolves Difference

If you’re in charge of a parking garage or parking lot, you’re responsible for valuable assets and the well-being of your clients while they’re on your property every day. It’s important that you do everything possible to ensure the vehicles parked at your facility and their owners remain safe and unscathed.

The most effective thing you can do to secure your parking garage or parking lot is to hire a security provider that has the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your location as well as the vehicles and people in it. United Wolves Security knows what it takes to secure your parking garage or parking lot.

If you’re ready for security solutions done right, we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.