Event & Hospitality Hygiene

The WA Government has launched a mandatory Covid-19 hygiene training and assessment course to prepare the state’s hospitality industry for a future return to business.

The course will be split into two tiers and be delivered by hospitality industry body, Australian Hotels Association (AHA).

The course is based on state and federal health directions regarding Covid-19 and will cover topics including venue restrictions, personal and professional hygiene practices and cleaning and sanitising practices to help reduce Covid-19 cross contamination.

Venues will only be able to reopen when every member of staff has completed the introductory first tier of the course. Managers and supervisors will be required to complete the second, more advanced course. Every venue must have a staff member with the more advanced accreditation on shift at all times as a dedicated hygiene officer.

We require all staff to do the course then send a copy of your certificate to info@unitedwolves.com

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